Statement of Faith



  1. We believe the BIBLE to be verbally inspired in all 66 books with no error as originally given to the writers.
  2. We believe in the one true GOD (Jehovah) existing from eternity to eternity in three persons…the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe MAN was created in the image of God and died spiritually when he disobeyed God in the garden which requires reinstatement with God who graciously accepts one who believes Jesus paid the price so he can be God’s friend once again.
  4. We believe Jesus Christ has always existed as God, came to earth by being born of the virgin Mary, lived without ever disobeying God the Father, died on the cross in the place of all mankind, rose from the grave, returned to heaven where He is preparing a place for all believers and will come again for His followers.
  5. To be fully accepted by God and all disobedience forgiven (SALVATION) can only be freely given by God to those who believe Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, turn the way one is living around to follow the teachings of the Bible, publicly profess belief in Jesus as Savior, and be buried with Him in water baptism to then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  6. We believe THE CHURCH is comprised of all God adds to His Church after profession of faith in Jesus as Savior being baptized and living according to His teaching. Each group meeting together to worship and serve Him is in total control of its affairs and every effort should be made to have leadership appointed as elders and deacons according to the instructions of the Bible (I Timothy & Titus). The purpose of the church is to gather to worship the Lord, to study the Bible and go share the good news that everyone can be God’s dear friend, and help others whenever possible.
  7. The Locust Street Church of Christ belongs to the fellowship of churches known as the

a-cappella Churches of Christ.  This fellowship along with the (Independent) Christian Churches & the Disciples of Christ, is part of the Stone Campbell Movement, which originated in early 19th century America.

  1. The Locust Street Church of Christ believes and teaches that sexual activity is to be enjoyed exclusively between a married couple of one man and one woman. We come to this conclusion from our guidebook, the Bible. This being our belief, and such having been our belief throughout our congregation’s history since 1926 and the 2,000 plus year history of the Christian Church, our ministers, church leaders and facilities are limited to marriage events only for those who fit within the Biblical definition of holy matrimony.
  2. The church is to baptize by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and meet at least weekly to share the Lord’s Supper of the bread and the cup.
  3. Satan is real and works in the spiritual realm as the great enemy of God and all of mankind. God will eventually judge Satan and will send him to his final doom.
  4. We believe (but agreement is not required of others) that Jesus may return at any moment to take His church from this world before the great and terrible 7 years of trouble on the earth after which He will return to the earth with His church of set up His kingdom that will last 1,000 years.
  5. Following the 1,000 years Satan will lead a brief rebellion and then God will assign him to his eternal doom. Then God will hold a judgment for everyone (except those saved) who has ever lived and each one will be judged by the life they have lived as recorded by God in His book of remembrance.  These are those who refuse to have God to be part of their life on earth and will be sent to eternal doom along with Satan.
  6. Following the great judgment all who have been saved by means of God’s grace and their confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior, been baptized, and made every attempt to life the way God wants mankind to live will go to be with God for all the remainder of eternity.
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